Five Best Augmented Data Management Tools

If you or your business have landed in a whirlwind of data and want to use a tool that can help you streamline and manage data well, then your search stops here.

The integration of automation into data analytics is one of the biggest business intelligence trends of this era. It not only provides you with automated insights but also better control over your data. The analytics vendors have advanced over the years in terms of their services, in order to cater to the needs of the hour.

While you may find it tempting to drop to a conclusion and select a vendor right away−we would say, do your research before you make a decision. In order to help you make a better decision we have narrowed down our search and listed down five best vendors. Out of these five you can make your cherry pick.

In our previous post, we have shared good amount of information about augmented data management (ADM) and its benefits. You have learned how this evolving technique simplifies the process of data management. Besides, we have stressed upon the fact how it can help you manipulate large volume of data through automation and derive desired outcome in a jiffy.

In this post, we will share with you the ADM tools that are trending in the market. Let’s find out more.

Microsoft’s Power BI – This cloud-based tool tops the list because of its ease of usability and functionality. One of its key features is the customizable information dashboard. You can customize reports and embed the dashboards as per the need of your business. Plus, it has integrated features like intuitive graphic designing tools and uses natural language interface. Hence, you can use it without specialized technical knowledge. Additionally, its implementation is hassle-free, it doesn’t require any capital expenditure, and it is free from legacy software constraints. Now, let’s move on to the next one in the list.

Qlik Sense – This self-service BI analytics tool provides you complete flexibility with a multi-cloud platform that supports full spectrum of BI use cases. It allows you to combine all your data sources, irrespective of the data size, into a single view. It functions through a common governance and security framework. You can benefit from its many features, starting from its new augmented intelligence capabilities, automation, and machine suggestions powered by Qlik cognitive engine.

Oracle Analytics Cloud – This cloud-based analytics platform is the latest product in the Oracle Business Intelligence space. It claims to provide most comprehensive analytics in the industry. It allows you to create reliable metadata mappings that can serve as the source of data for all dashboards and reports. Its key features include, advanced analytics, user-driven what-if modeling, self-service visualization, enterprise reporting, self-learning mobile analytics, and so on. Its data visualization is another great component that will allow you to create dashboards with least IT support.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Platform – This AI-powered advanced analytics tool helps you to visualize reports, dashboards, graphs, and other data sources in your Salesforce environment. Earlier known as ‘Wave’, this analytics application have undergone major changes and improvement to transform into Einstein Analytics Platform. This latest version of the tool has recently been launched by Salesforce. This tool uses your CRM database as the source of data to generate reports and dashboards. Besides, it doesn’t limit you to just Salesforce CRM, but allows you to connect with other CRMs as well. Now, that’s quite a deal, eh? Let’s move on to our last, but of course not the least, tool in our list.

Sisense – If you’re looking to simplify your data management, Sisense should be your best pick. It has got all the advanced features that help you to streamline data and derive reports, seamlessly. It allows you to integrate analytics into workflows and applications, everywhere. It goes beyond the traditional dashboard feature and allows you to use its very own integrated feature – Sisense Fusion. This highly customizable cloud-based analytics platform allows you to connect analytics directly into any application that you’re using currently, be it Google Sheets or Salesforce.

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