We have been working on this technology for the last 14 years and guess what? this technology never gets old. We are constantly upgrading our PHP knowledge which is giving us an edge over others. We have used the Slim micro framework for the following reasons.
We provide you :

  • It is a lightweight framework.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Quick development time.
  • Less debugging time.

Check one such case where we have used Slim Framework

Created for a client, the Kost app is for those who own restaurants and have multiple SKUs. Each SKU has its own set of recipes and cost to create them.

The Kost app gives you the capability of adding your ingredients for each SKU recipe along with their respective cost price and retail/sell price. Then the system takes up all the important parameters like, no of units produced, sales estimate per month, the cost price of each ingredient, etc, and calculates the gross profit, and cost involved. These profits/losses and costs can further be shown on a yearly, monthly, and weekly basis. This helps the owner to understand how much the retail price should be kept or how much the cost price be lowered in order to make their business profitable.

The project was tedious but the Slim framework made it super manageable.

Take a tour of how it works.