When it comes to developing iOS mobile apps, we strictly prefer the native language. This certainly increases the development cost but the end result is worth it. We have combined experience of more than a decade in mobile apps development and during these years we have worked on both the native languages – Objective C and Swift. The reasons why we suggest our clients stick to native iOS development are listed below :

  • OS update always tends to break the hybrid apps and while all hybrid platforms update themselves to release their version according to the latest OS version, your app might stay in a broken condition during this time. This definitely doesn’t leave a good impression on app users.
  • Native development has a strong foundation compared to hybrid development. Since the development language is the same as the system language of the device, the performance is always much better than a hybrid app.
  • If you think developing a hybrid app doesn’t require any involvement with the native language, then you are wrong. Hybrid development is always followed by the respective device’s native development.

Check out some screenshots of our iOS app works here: