10 Key Highlights of the CES 2022


An Introduction to CES

Consumer Electronics Show or CES is a prominent tech event around the world. The event takes place in Las Vegas every year. This year, CES was organised on the 5th of January and continued through the 7th of January. In the recent edition, the footfall was considerably lower than in the non-covid era. Considering the ongoing pandemic, several exhibitors chose to offer a digital experience that contributed to the reduced footfall. Consumer Technology Association reported that in 2022, CES witnessed 2,300 exhibitors and 40,000 attendees, a figure far cry from 2019.

Ten Eye-catchers 

CES 2022 marked the launch of several Chromebooks, laptops, smart home devices, wearables, cars, consumables, and so much more. Ten remarkable events have been listed below:

  1. The Dell XPS 13 looked amazing following CES 2022. Dell XPS 13 found its finesse among Gen Z users, who are reasonably aware of themselves and their destination. Moreover, the Dell XPS 13 Plus turned out to be one of the best among the latest laptops exhibited at the event. Dell XPS 13 is scheduled to launch in Spring 2022.
  2. The Asus Chromebook Flip CX5 enjoyed a spectacular launch at CES 2022. It deftly brought the Windows laptop specs to the Chrome OS interface. The launch date of the Chromebook Flip CX5 was not revealed during the event.
  3. CES 2022 witnessed the launch of the long awaited PerfectFill smart bath tech fills. It is a tub that can be operated through voice command. The tub is easily adjusted according to preferred depth and temperature.
  4. FaceHeart Vitals launched its SDK at CES 2022. The equipment works on their proprietary AI technology. When the SDK app is installed on the phone or tab of the user, it scans the person’s face through the front camera. The camera enables the app to measure the user’s heart rate variability, heart rate, blood oxygen level, respiratory rate, and blood pressure.
  5. CarePredict, the AI-powered digital health service provider for senior care, introduced the CareVoice feature on its award-winning wearable, Tempo, at CES 2022. CareVoice works toward offering peace of mind to the families living with senior citizens. The device schedules and records reminders for appointments or medications and even plays voice messages when needed.
  6. Samsung announced its decision to launch their latest NFT Aggregation Platform, devised for its smart TVs, at CES 2022. The platform will comprise a set of features that will enable the users to peruse their digital collections with ease. Additionally,  users can purchase NFTs directly from their TVs.
  7. Invoxia introduced the world to their Smart Dog Collar at the CES 2022. A smart innovation for dog lovers, the dog collar is capable of keeping track of your dog’s breathing rate, heart rate, location, and much more.
  8. LG unveiled the CLOi Serve Bot at CES 2022. These bots have been programmed to serve snacks and drinks to guests. They can be used in public spaces like office premises, hospitals and restaurants. This is a perfect find for the prevailing pandemic situation, where the bots can operate by eliminating while navigating autonomously.
  9. CES 2022 witnessed multiple announcements from BMW. It included a terrific 610-horsepower electric car, the iX M60. The vehicle has been equipped for electric mobility from the ground up. In 3.8 seconds, the car accelerates from 0 to 100. The beast can cover 575 kilometres on a single charge. It’s considered BMW’s most powerful vehicle so far.
  10. Victrola’s Revolution Go received the Innovation award at CES 2022. It is a portable bluetooth record player that effectively brings back the vinyl experience.

Special Mention

Even with fewer visitors, CES 2022 was flooded with new launches and mind-boggling technologies. Starting from smart homes to wearables, CES 2022 possibly managed to cover every innovation under the sky. The show had gadgets for every niche and it was the first time blockchain and cryptocurrency found their places among headphones, smartphones, and laptops.

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